Born in northern germany, Anne Hinrichsen came to Zurich in 2007 to deepen her skills in the fields of orchestra playing and instrumental and vocal accompaniment in the orchestra academy of the Zurich Opera House. 

Already during her piano studies in Lübeck (Prof. Jacques Ammon and Prof. Konstanze Eickhorst)

and Freiburg (Prof. Gilead Mishory) Anne Hinrichsen participated several times in the Orchestra Academy of the Schleswig-Holstein-Musik-Festival whereupon she applied herself more to the orchestra repertoire. She used to play with the “Junge Deutsche Philharmonie”, the NDR Symphony Orchestra Hamburg, the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonia Zürich and the Symphony Orchestra of Bern and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra.

Very early in her professional career she developed a great passion for chamber music so that she finds herself a regular employment as a pianist for chamber music in different ensembles, i.a. in the Philharmonic Chamber-Music Concerts Hamburg and at the Opera Zurich.

Between 2008 and 2020 Anne Hinrichsen has been engaged as a accompanist and teacher of the precollege in the fields of accompaniment and sight-reading for pianists at the Conservatory of Arts Zurich (ZHdK) and is in a great demand as a pianist for various instrumentalists and singers there and outside of the school. The accompaniment of choirs is also included in her work.

Furthermore she has been leading a church choir over many years that she worked and gave concerts with regularly. 2013 Anne Hinrichsen was given a CAS in choir leading by Prof. Markus Utz and Prof. Beat Schäfer at the ZHdK.

Since the conducting started to play an increasingly important role in her musical profile, Anne Hinrichsen graduated in orchestra conducting with Prof. Marc Kissoczy in 2016 (CAS) and since then pursues this path with commitment and passion. 

During the season 2015/16 and 2017/18 Anne Hinrichsen worked as an accompanist and musical director of several productions at the Konzerttheater Bern. Since then she workes regularly in the opera/Symphony-Orchestra of Bern.

In the season 2018/19 she accompanied the production "Humanoid" (Leonard Evers, UA) as a musical assistant and conductor of two perfomances in Winterthur (details tba). During the season 2019/20 Anne Hinrichsen worked as an accompanist and conductor at the theatre of Bern and conducted several performances of Rossini`s "Barbiere di Siviglia" and the dance production SWAN. She was the musical assistant of Matthew Toogood and Thomas Rösner. 

Since august 2020  she works as Studienleiterin and Kapellmeisterin at the Theatre of Bielefeld, Germany and is the musical director of the production "Dunkel ist die Nacht, Rigoletto!" (premiere October 3rd/2020) and Dvorak`s "Rusalka" (premiere 27.11.2021).